Honoring the Child

Our beginning is our childhood. We grow and become an adult. Is it possible the child part of us remains within us, as a core aspect of self. From my perspective, the child is always within us. This Little One may be well integrated, or the small self could be lost within inner space. If the child self is forgotten or shamed, we feel distressed, and disconnected.

We have the capacity to make a conscious invitation to the child for conscious , present day connection. This can happen with acknowledgement, and compassion. We can develop a more grounded and empowered dynamic, as adults; in which the child self becomes honored, acknowledged , therefore the Little One is comforted and connected.

As we develop greater internal togetherness, between the child and adult, the child self finds more peace and the adult becomes more grounded and empowered.

Within much of the course of a day, I am functioning as an adult; within my present day functions, as I choose words and actions, and follow through on plans and responsibilities. My child self, who has been bridged with enough to be a collaborative aspect, informs my creativity and curiosity.

In the midst of anxiety and depression, the child self can be in a state of lostness. Through my work with clients, and my own healing journey, I have come to the perspective that there are 3 key aspects of self. These are the Little One, or child self; the Adult, who is the present day, Operative Self , and the Guiding, wise self.

My work is focused on integrative bridging between these 3 key self aspects. In the process of honoring the essential, original qualities of the child self, there is more space to be more fully present in our adult life and better able to access our greatest wisdom.

To begin this process of bridging, you can acknowledge your small self, as your original self, the essence of which is within your core. Find an age, previous to trauma or significant distress, where you can recognize a childlike quality, such as wonder, curiosity, spontaneity, expressiveness, or ability to easily trust and connect. Close your eyes and see this little one, and send your little self compassion, within your heart of hearts. Place your hand on your heart and gently tap with kindness and compassion.

This is a practice that becomes easier to access as you incorporate it into your routine, for example, deciding to practice self compassion in the morning or in the evening, or any time you are experiencing distress.

As we continue to strengthen a conscious connection with the Little One, as the Adult, the adult becomes more empowered, confident and engaged in present day. The Little One is recognized as part of self and is comforted, being acknowledged as a present day aspect of self.

The 3rd part of self becomes more accessible, as the bridge between adult and little one is more established. More space opens up, which allows more access to our wise, guiding self.


  1. Shannon says:

    You write this intricate process so extremely well! It’s exactly what you taught me and took me through and has been totally life changing for me, totally. I’m going to read this again because, now seeing it objectively and being on the other side of this process, I can now look back and have the miracle explained how you took me out of PTSD and brought me into wholeness and integration with my little child. It’s been a miracle for sure. I send my endless thanks and love to you, talented, wise one! Few people have touched me and empowered me like you have, Deborah. You’re amazing!

    1. jeanbee81 says:

      Thank you so much Shannon. You have always shown yourself to be a butterfly. It has been a pleasure to walk with you in your healing journey.

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