You are the One

The One who can create sovereignty within your life.

As the Adult, Present Day, Operational Self. It is you, who can create your life, by making choices. You have the capacity and power to set the tone and direct the course of your path.

Even at the most challenging, tangled moments. There you are.

Deep within the lit blossom of your innermost self. At times, falling into depths of pain and confusion. Allow tears and yawns to unfurl. And there you are, again, within the joyful, delightful moments. Allow laughter and joyful movement to cascade.

Say Hello to your small face; find and hold the little hand of your Little One. See your original face before you. Before you were defined by others and by circumstance, or experience, and other misunderstandings. Re-member, discover your original, Little One within you. Perhaps she/he/they have been hiding or lost within inner space.

Find a time, previous to any confusion, shame or doubt. Lovingly call upon and acknowledge the innocence and preciousness of the Child. You are the one, who can claim this Little One. From here, is where we can build peace and comfort. As the adult, we are present day, and we can bring the child to present day to rest and play with our response ability to allow the child to be free to be the child, while we hold our empowerment as the present day adult. Together and yet separate, both in our role and development. In this way, there is more room to evolve, and unfold your authentic self, becoming more free to be yourself and develop your own unique capability and purpose.

You will not have the approval or understanding of everyone. Let it go. It is not required, nor sustainably possible to please others. You can find who you resonate with. Invest energy into being authentic. You are the one who can hold the space for yourself to embrace and stand in your wholeness as you work through blocks and distortions that may have been absorbed by experience or generational patterns.

When trauma reverberates through us, like a perpetual alarm, we do not have the bandwidth to functionally access our small self, or our wise, guiding self. Most of us can benefit from psychotherapy and bodywork, and other forms of healing and self reflection and integration to unpack what is in our way. When we unravel what is stuck, it can be transformational. It is possible to come home to our heart of compassion, with a mind of greater clarity , and embodiment of being in the moment; more aligned to our dynamic balance.

There is a core essence is within you. We are multi-dimensional beings, with intricate facets and aspects. When we are grounded in our body, in present time, we are better able to be authentic and empowered in our life.

When we are accessing wonder and spontaneity, this can be a way of allowing the child aspect to inspire and inform us in play, expression, and creativity. One of the greatest gifts we can offer to ourself is the opportunity to create more space and awareness of the Little One. What the child most essentially requires, is rest and play. These are the two most essential modes for the child. Rest includes sleeping and dreaming, and being sheltered from adult responsibility. Unfettered, joyful, exploratory and expressive play allows the child to experience joy, and can bring us back to embodying joy as an adult.

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