Being and Becoming

Being and Becoming is my book, it has been sent to my editor. Before long, it will become an actual tangible, buyable book . Excited ! Sneak Peek …Dynamic balance is described in reference to being and striving and in relation to developing your own balance with compassion and accountability. With navigating thought and emotionContinue reading “Being and Becoming”

Less Crunch, More Flow

Some days can feel crunchy, it can seem like every task we attempt is not only difficult, but there are unexpected turns and road blocks. At these times , it can be discouraging and frustrating. When there are a series of unexpected challenges, it can feel like we are facing blocks, or intrusions. The textureContinue reading “Less Crunch, More Flow”

Dynamic Balance : Being and Striving

I am here, in this moment. Am I, actually present in the moment ? We may ask ourselves, with curiosity, is my attention more on the next moment, or the next hour, or the following day or beyond. This pushing forward to be in the future, to accomplish, to get beyond now is striving pastContinue reading “Dynamic Balance : Being and Striving”

Allowing Determination and Acceptance to Come Together

This morning I feel raw, fragile, broken. Yesterday I felt strong and hopeful and energetic. At this moment, I am holding the space for myself and my emotion to allow it to flow through me. Not trying to grasp it or control it, explain it or define it. It just is; and already, saying this;Continue reading “Allowing Determination and Acceptance to Come Together”

The Dynamic Balance of Being Yourself and 2 of the 4 Agreements

When do you feel most at home with yourself ? Take a minute with that . When you feel most at home, and comfortable being yourself..Where are you and what are you doing ? Are you alone, or with someone ? Are you thinking or feeling ? Moving or still ? Are you exploring aContinue reading “The Dynamic Balance of Being Yourself and 2 of the 4 Agreements”

Being Present is the Gift : The Little One and Present Day Adult

Our best moments are when we are most present. Experiencing our best moments, we are immersed in the moment, centered and grounded. Right here, right now. Start with your breath, just noticing the breath. Notice how you feel in your body. Observe your thoughts and sensations. There you are. Being still, coming back to yourContinue reading “Being Present is the Gift : The Little One and Present Day Adult”

Children are Precious

The most innocent, precious, vulnerable people on this earth are babies and children. Most of us get the baby part, infants are tiny and can not fed themselves, or communicate with words. Although infants can, when offered the opportunity, often be able to access milk and breast feed. Infants do communicate in their own way,Continue reading “Children are Precious”