EMDR Therapy

EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. It is an evidence based therapy, which is recognized as an effective way to work through trauma and other unsettling experiences. Memories of experiences are stored within us. When we have an experience that is especially disturbing to us, it becomes stuck, and not integrated. Imagine eating something that can’t be digested but it’s still in the body. The feeling is agitating.

When we become triggered; suddenly unsettled, it is related to experiences that have not been integrated. A trigger is like an alarm going off. Internally the experience can be as if there are lights flashing, sounds screeching, warning something is wrong. There is danger. 

A saber tooth tiger is approaching now. This is our primal safety mechanism, fight, flight or freeze. Safety is our most basic need, not only physical safety, emotional and mental safety is essential to our overall well being. We have within us the capacity to self heal; however, there are times when we can not heal on our own.

EMDR Therapy is an eight phase framework of therapy that can unravel the internal knots and settle the alarm. The guidance and support of the psychotherapist, along with bi-lateral movement and addressing mental, emotional, and physical aspects of experience, allows what is stuck to unravel. EMDR Therapy can allow pain to transform to balance. It can make room for changing the narrative of our life. My overall goal for clients is removing blocks to make room for peace, empowerment and purpose.