Parenting with Compassion and Containment

Parents tend to be more comfortable with either approaching parenting primarily through nurturing or by setting limits. There are many philosophical and psychological perspectives on this. Balancing both love and limits with awareness provides a solid foundation for children.  When parents doubt themselves or try extensively to follow a ‘provenmethod’’ whether the method is fromContinue reading “Parenting with Compassion and Containment”

Mental Health and Awareness from the Inside-Out

With the increase in brain studies, it has become more defined how our mental and emotional state impacts our physical, spiritual and overall level of health and well being. It has become more evident that our physical state impacts our emotional and mental balance.  Our attitude, thought patterns and moods can make or break ourContinue reading “Mental Health and Awareness from the Inside-Out”

Creative Healing: Art Therapy, Self Expression and Balance

Balance is one of the main keys to a health. Creativity and self expression can be healing. Art therapy is an active process that can allow for integrating the four elements of well being. The four aspects of health are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. When one of these aspects is not taken care of,Continue reading “Creative Healing: Art Therapy, Self Expression and Balance”