Deborah is compassionate, aware and trauma informed. She was able to offer immediate steps to relief prior to embarking on an effective journey to healing. Deborah is not my first therapist, though until my work with her, I did not believe it was possible to overcome some of the deeply rooted trauma I had experienced in my youth. She has the knowledge, the experience and the heart necessary for this very important journey towards healing.



Deborah has helped me through so much; from navigating my own trauma and anxiety to couples therapy. Deborah is compassionate. Each session is personalized, as Deborah guides with patience, experience and intuition. I have no question that her counsel is unique to each individual and never based from a formula or generalized approach. Deborah does deep work. She has helped me heal and shift my thoughts and patterns in my life. Deborah has supported me to be more empowered and authentic in my life. Deborah is an incredible facilitator of EMDR Therapy and Art Therapy. EMDR has helped me to move past traumas and re-pattern aspects of my life that I didn’t know were impacted by past events. Deborah is a genuine, empathetic, fully present clinician, who always has her patient’s best interest at the forefront of therapy. She creates a safe space to be vulnerable and heal. Deborah is the best!

– CW


I have worked with Deborah for over two years. We have cleared a great deal of trauma from early childhood. Deborah is always understanding. Her empathy is exceptional. The level of comfort after resolving a traumatic experience has made me feel cleansed, relieved, inspired and cared for.

– SP

EMDR Consultation

Deborah has been my EMDR consultant for the past 5 years. The wealth of knowledge and experience she has passed along to me have been a tremendous help in my development as an EMDR therapist. Her insights, guidance and kindness were invaluable during the time I was going through the EMDR certification process. I could not have done it without her.

– MW

Couples Counseling

My husband and I have worked with Deborah Nielsen, when we came from a place of fear and pain; by the end of the session, the results were transformational; it felt miraculous to us. Deborah’s super powers are empathy and compassion, combined with therapeutic expertise. We were able to shift from pain to peace. Ms. Nielsen’s insight is extraordinary. She has guided us from stuckness to greater love and levity.

– SP and SP