Being and Becoming

Being and Becoming is my book, it has been sent to my editor. Before long, it will become an actual tangible, buyable book .

Excited !

Sneak Peek …Dynamic balance is described in reference to being and striving and in relation to developing your own balance with compassion and accountability. With navigating thought and emotion I offer ways to work with emotion and a way to make a critical mind shift .

Alchemy and the chrysalis explores deep states of transformation that can occur with major transitions, development , trauma and creativity. Bridging is an introduction to the core of my theoretical framework and approach to conscious internal bridging with the three universal key self aspects. Sphere takes a look at our connection with community and the earth.

In addition to facets of my life, within the introduction, is TAPs. Tangible Action Practices are processes and practices that you can choose to do, in the realm of journaling, meditation and creative expression. There are also TAPs sprinkled throughout Being and Becoming.


  1. Deanna Castillo says:

    Beautiful Sneak Peak of a transformative process put into words of healing. I’m very excited to read the book and apply it’s valuable gems of knowledge to my life.

  2. Shannon says:

    Congrats on Being and Becoming! Can’t wait to read what I know will be brilliant , healing, and practical!

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