Less Crunch, More Flow

Some days can feel crunchy, it can seem like every task we attempt is not only difficult, but there are unexpected turns and road blocks. At these times , it can be discouraging and frustrating. When there are a series of unexpected challenges, it can feel like we are facing blocks, or intrusions. The texture and the movement feels, crunchy or rocky, unharmonious. To navigate these times, in order to be patient and kind with ourselves, and others; taking a minute or two to slow down and step away briefly, noticing body sensations and doing some conscious breaths, can be a way to re- start and self regulate.

There are a few things that can be helpful on a crunch day. One is a brief change in scenery, even if that means going outside for five to fifteen minutes and doing some stretching or walking. Step outside to breathe the air and notice the sky or a tree. Staying hydrated and eating well is always helpful. In your mind gather your loved ones around you to feel the love for them and from them. Those whom you feel most supported and understood by and imagine them near you, encouraging you with their presence and love. The fourth one could be the first one, and could be practiced much of the day; focus on your breath, and take a few full breaths, let yourself yawn if a yawn appears.

Yawns are one of my favorite spontaneous actions that arise in the body. Yawning has been assumed to be demonstrating tiredness or boredom. From my perspective it is a way of relaxing, and letting go of tension or stress. I have seen this in my office countless times, when a client is winding down and after working through something heavy, and feeling relieved, the yawn appears. There is no shame in yawning. If you are concerned that someone thinks you are bored, just let them know you are becoming more relaxed. Allowing spontaneous laughter and tears are excellent ways of releasing and creating more space to be centered and present.


  1. Shannon says:

    I plan to read this again and again!! Just what I needed! Tks Deborah! Hope you are doing so well!

    1. Many thanks for your support and participation. I am well.

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