Being Present is the Gift : The Little One and Present Day Adult

Our best moments are when we are most present. Experiencing our best moments, we are immersed in the moment, centered and grounded.

Right here, right now.

Start with your breath, just noticing the breath. Notice how you feel in your body. Observe your thoughts and sensations. There you are. Being still, coming back to your own center. Not trying, just being. Not judging, just in the moment.

At times, it may appear that there is so much to do that we can not move fast enough. This is when we are getting ahead of ourselves, or in other words not present for the moment.

What pulls us away ? Is it external pressure or anxiety ? Is it our self judgement. Yes all of this can distract us away from being present.

Back to the breath, back to the body, back to the moment. You can put your hands by your chest and gently tap. Bring your attention to to your heart of hearts, with conscious kindness and compassion for your heart. Picture your small self, and practice sending that Little One, absolute loving kindness.

This could become a daily practice, even for a few minutes at a time. Imagine if we did this regularly. Anyone could benefit. We each have aspects of our small self that may be somewhat lost, in our own inner space. Allowing the small self to be free to to just be the Little One, to simply rest and play can make a big difference in our level of internal peace. We can provide an update for our Little One, to let them know that it is our present day adult self who takes care of them now and is always with them. As the Adult, Present Day, Operative self, we can take care of the Little One, and handle all the adult things. We can let the Little One know, “I’ve got you.” And “all you have to do, Little One is rest and play.”

This separation of roles between the adult and child self is a huge relief and brings peace and comfort to the Little One. It is also empowering to our Present day, operative adult self, to increase our experience of being empowered in our present day choices and actions. We can choose our words and actions. We can direct our energy into being kind to ourself and reminding our small self to simply rest and play. This is a beginning to acknowledging the small self can be supported and comforted as the Little One, and affirming that our Adult self is the operative self, present day.

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  1. Shannon peck says:

    Such a wonderful reminder. Just what I needed. Tks Debs!

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