Mental Health and Awareness from the Inside-Out

With the increase in brain studies, it has become more defined how our mental and emotional state impacts our physical, spiritual and overall level of health and well being. It has become more evident that our physical state impacts our emotional and mental balance. 

Our attitude, thought patterns and moods can make or break our day. Our beliefs about ourselves and our life has a powerful impact on us, as well as decisions we make about our purpose and direction in our life and repeated memories, and messages that we repeatedly give ourselves. Much of our repetitious internal messaging goes unnoticed, because it is so habitual. An internal message could be very negative, for example “ I never do anything right”, or more balanced, “ I can learn and grow from every experience”. Becoming more aware of what is happening internally and processing negative patterns, as well as re defining more positive and effective thinking and feeling habits can have a profound impact on our lives. 

This is part of the therapy process, becoming more aware and more empowered in a balance way. This could be processed through EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy and through journaling. These are three examples of processes that I may work with a client on either as one process or in combination. 

Our thoughts impact our feeling, which leads to action, and then begins to define our character and the course of our lives. We all know people who on the surface may seem to have everything but are miserable, and others who seem to sail with grace through horrible circumstances. We are emotional, mental and spiritual, as well as physical beings. As we develop ourselves, heal ourselves and become more conscious and balanced from the inside out, we can develop more effectiveness and happiness in our life.

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